Spirit of Resistance


04 Feb 2014

Imperial War Museum

The permanent ‘Secret War’ gallery in London’s Imperial War Museum, dedicated to the history of SOE, SIS, GCHQ, MI5, the SAS, the SBS and other British special forces, was financed by a grant from Sir Paul Getty. Opened in 1995, it received a comprehensive refurbishment, funded by the Gerry HoldsworthTrust, in 2012-14.

Additional grants from the Trust have permitted the Imperial War Museum to collect and preserve the personal papers and memorabilia of dozens of former members of SOE and wartime special forces, as well as gather hundreds of hours of oral history testimonies.

Cataloguing projects funded by the Trust have allowed these collections to be made more easily available for public study.Important collections catalogued recently with Trust funding include the extensive papers of Brigadier Orde Wingate, Brigadier Mike Calvert, Vera Atkins and Jean Overton Fuller.