Spirit of Resistance

Colonel David de Crespigny SMILEY

Colonel David de Crespigny SMILEY OBE MC*

Household Cavalry, SOE

Regular army officer; served with 1st Household Cavalry Regiment in Palestine, Iraq, Syria and Persia and with Middle East Commandos in Sudan and Abyssinia; joined SOE, January 1943; dropped into northern Greece to enter Albania with first Allied Mission, 17/8 April 1943; ex-filtrated and soon returned on second mission, 19/20 April 1944; transferred to SOE’s Force 136 and parachuted into Siam, May 1945; badly burned and evacuated, he returned to the Thai guerrillas and liberated Ubon POW camp; after Japanese surrender, worked with French Force 136 in French Indo-China.

David de Crespigny SMILEY