Since 1989 the Gerry Holdsworth Trust has contributed to a variety of important research and commemorative projects relating to the history and heritage of the wartime Special Operations Executive (SOE) and special forces. This support ranges from financial assistance with research for books, theses and articles, to the funding of commemorative plaques and memorials.

The Trust seeks particularly to preserve and promote the history and commemoration of special units and ‘private armies’ that (a) are no longer operational and (b) have no charitable regimental association able to provide adequate funds for serious commemorative and heritage projects. Other examples of such units, aside from SOE, include the following: the RAF Special Duty squadrons; the Long-Range Desert Group; Popski’s Private Army; the Raiding Support Regiment; the ‘Phantom’ Signal Squadron; and the Greek Sacred Squadron.

The Trust also seeks to promote the history and spirit of wartime cooperation between British special forces and the armed services, intelligence organisations and resistance and liberation movements of other wartime nations and governments. These include those of the United States and the Commonwealth (especially Australia and New Zealand) and of governments-in-exile in London.


Examples of museum projects that have received Trust support.


Examples of films that have received Trust support.


Examples of publications that have received Trust support.

Memorials & commemorative plaques

Examples of memorials and commemorative plaques that have received Trust support.